Websites - In today’s quickened, busy and dynamic world the good web site is a necessary and even mandatory condition for success, no matter if it is a personal or a corporate one. The web site is the easiest and the quickest connection between you and your clients. The high quality web site imparts prestige to any business, it shows stability, a vision ahead and most important – that you cherish the time of your clients. Last, but not least – the web site has no working time, it works for you 24/7.

Professional print design - brochures and flyers, billboards and posters, document forms, envelopes and letter forms – all kinds and all formats. Everything that comes to your mind and everything that doesn’t. All products comply with today’s requirements of the print houses and materials.

Business cards - show your individuality to the world or create a sense for belonging and do it with style.

Logo design - the logo is your “fingerprint” in the world of business, no matter if we talk about a company or an individual.

Catalogues - professionally fulfilled catalogues which work for you and complement your image.

Photographic retouch - remove defects, color change, photo processing... before and after

Translation - English - Bulgarian, Bulgarian - English.


Gorko Design Team